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Empowered Life Trust is a nonprofit making organization whose main objectives are to provide life skills, empowerment for young people, leadership and entrepreneurship training, governance and capacity developing as well as promoting sustainable livelihoods communities. It believes in the philosophy that youths have the potential to transform the world into a better place provided they are given the right environment and are properly nurtured into professional entrepreneurs. Empowered Life Trust in partnership with CBZ Holdings (funding partner) designed a Youth Entrepreneurship empowerment program called Youth Entrepreneurs Program.

Youth Entrepreneurs Program is a practical and results-based initiative to produce growth-oriented (not survivalist) profitable businesses that are run professionally by youth from all 10 Provinces in Zimbabwe. YEP is nurturing a new generation of growth oriented business persons. Many young Zimbabweans graduating from universities, colleges and high schools have no option but to become entrepreneurs due to lack of employment. The program seeks to improve Zimbabwe youths including those who are in the rural areas through offering business opportunities which will in turn create employment opportunities.  The program will involve 2 day outreach training to all ten Provinces of Zimbabwe.

YEP is a program designed for youths aged between 18 and 35 years, who aspire to be one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe

  • Skills – they develop skills for effective entrepreneurship from the practical assignments they have to complete
  • Support – participants receive coaching and follow-up support via social media.
  • Sharing – by associating with other business-minded people, participants become part of a community of purpose that facilitates sharing of valuable knowledge and real-life entrepreneurial experiences
  • Finance – some of the participants will receive financial support into their businesses as prizes at the end of the program
  • Knowledge – acquire essential knowledge on how to run successful business and other entrepreneurial skills through attending two day workshops.

Empowered Life Trust has trained more than 2500 youths all around Zimbabwe. The program involves conducting workshops in all the ten provinces of Zimbabwe. The program aims at training more than10 000 youths by 2021 all around the country.

As a parent/guardian, you probably worry about your pre-teen or teenage child. Are they happy? Are they doing ok at school? Are they staying out of trouble? Are’nt they being bullyed or being affected by peer pressure?

Well teen coaching offers just the right solutions for you. Teen life coaching is a personal development program to help teens discover, unlock and unleash their God given potential through providing a safe place for pre-teens and teens to talk about the tough stuff that affects them in today’s generation, while also providing tangible tips and tools for them to navigate the ups and downs of growing into adulthood.

Our goal is to help teens and pre-teens have a smooth transition into adulthood, while also maintaining open communication with their parents.

Teen Breakthrough Coaching is an innovative coaching program designed for tweenies and teens (10 through 19 years). It is a resource for guidance and direction in your child’s life management skills to empower & prepare them for the pressures, realities, heartaches and joys of adulthood… what better time to start than BEFORE mistakes are made. 

We use coaching to address general issues pertinent to teenagers but you as a parent can also help us by specifying areas you might have identified were support is needed. This will help us to develop a tailor-made comprehensive development program for your child. We normally look at the following modules: – learning & study methods, Taking action (goal setting& time management), money management, digital literacy (how to use technology responsibly and avoid the risks), handling peer pressure, tween/parent relationships, self-mastery and teen dating (including how to manage puberty) 

The program is personalized to fit the needs of the individual child and will teach your child new skills and effective habits that will reinforce their ability to make appropriate decisions from a point of self-integrity rather than succumbing to peer-pressure. 

Our teen coach (Tafadzwa) is there to offer impartial, non-judgmental, trustworthy support designed to give teens and tweens ( 10-19 year olds) the chance to vent freely  and confidentially about anything they want – school, family life, friends, dating ,sexual issues, money management or anything else that happens to be on their minds.

He will also help them set smart goals and provide the follow-up and support they need to implement those goals and achieve desired results

Our charge is $10 per session of about 45 mins to one hour and we normally recommend 4 sessions to start off with obviously scheduled at times that suit your diary. The 4 sessions can be spread over a period of a month or 2 weeks for best results. These sessions are conducted at number 11 Churchill Ave, Alex Park

The time between childhood and adulthood is full of changes – both physical and emotional. With hormones raging, teenagers often become very tough to deal with. Temper tantrums, sulking and ignoring parents are common teenage behaviors during this phase.  Decisions made by teenagers in this period have far reaching consequences.

Without the necessary skill set, a teenager might end up making the wrong choices that might affect him/her for life. Given that background it is imperative that teenagers receive guidance and help from experts on critical issues such as education, career, addictions, peer pressure etc.

Every school Holiday we host 2 workshops, 1 workshop for pre-teens (10-12 years) and another for teenagers (13-19years). We hold these workshops at the Jubilee Christian Center next to Sharon School in Milton Park

We conduct prefects training for schools.Apart from prefects training we also facilitate and love presenting workshops on topics ranging from self-esteem to bullying, career guidance,smart social media usage, how to gain confidence, etiquette and presentation skills.

As schools or organisations you are also free to sugest the specific topics you might want tackled.

We also conduct workshops for parents as we love educating parents on the latest trends and issues affecting teenagers and pre-teens today.

Our goal through these workshops is to help teens and pre-teens have a smooth transition to adulthood, while also maintaining open communication with their parents.

Our underlying mission through the Teen Girl Talk Initiative is to provide a service where girls don’t have to struggle in silence, but have a free space to vent out and receive help from our expert Teen Coaches.

Through this initiative we specialize in healthy girl development; we coach teen girls while strategizing with them to overcome challenges. Those challenges can range anywhere from poor academic grades to low self-esteem, poor self-control, smart social media usage, bullying, goal setting, friendship making, communicating with parents,low motivation as well as sex and dating

The stereotypical view of modern teenagers is that they are lazy kids who just want to sleep in, play computer games, surf the net and hangout with their friends. The reason this view exists is because most adults find it hard to connect with this age-group hence they misunderstand them.

Having worked with teenagers for years through our Teen Breakthrough coaching program, we realised that teenagers long to feel significant. They want to demonstrate to themselves and the world that they matter and are capable of making a difference. 

This is the reason why we are so passionate about creating an enabling environment for teenagers to explore their interests more deeply, learn through experience, discover and nurture their passions, hone important life skills and consenquently create inspiring destinies for themselves.