Clive Nyapokoto’s Shift Organic Technologies

Clive Nyapokoto an innovator, Social Entreprenuer, Founder of Shift Organic Technologies, a start-up company focusing on smart integrated organic farming systems. The company was found in 2014. Clive grew up in an organic farming family in rural Zimbabwe Marondera. Experiencing the hard and intense labor involved in the daily farm activities which sometimes he had to do before going to school in the morning, his goal was to improve the productivity of organic farming through the use of modern technologies. This would also include using resources efficiently

Shift Organic Technologies is an Agro based startup with its main thrust on the development of smart integrated organic farming technologies. Some areas we have managed to explore so far include

  1. Beekeeping
  2. Vermiculture
  3. Aquaponics
  4. Fish farming
  5. Herb production and processing
  6. Solar processing technology
  7. Indoor gardening
  8. Nursery
  9. Orchards
  10. Water harvesting
  11. Natural pest and disease control
  12. Organic gardening
  13. Dryland organic farming
  14. Mushroom production
  15. Small livestock
  16. Soil fertility management
  17. Maggots farming

We have integrated ICTs in most of our activities using sensor technologies and micro controllers. We have embraced the IOT (Internet of Things) technologies in all our activities or projects. All our initiatives are driven by the zeal to supply healthy organic produce and our commitment to use locally available resources. Our composting techniques are very effective in biodegradable waste management. We turn waste into organic fertilizers. We are able to turn any piece of land into a productive unit.

I was the first runner up at the CBZ YEP 2017 program. Being recognized as one of the youth making change in business today was a great motivation. The workshop I attended in 2016 which was being facilitated by Empowered life Trust was an eye opener to me and helped immensely to the growth of my business. In the workshop I discovered the potential that my idea had and being around like minded youth in Mashonaland east i saw that I had a part to play in the uplifting of our province.

We are currently working on a demo plot in Marondera where we would like people to come and see the commercial viability of our initiatives. It’s never easy to start a business, but focus and determination plus passion will help you pull through. It was an idea and it would have stayed an idea if action was not put to it, no matter how good your idea is if you don’t put action to it, it will just be good as a dead donkey.

To fellow youth out there please don’t wait for funding or think of huge capital to start a business. Start small, set milestones “Zvinouya zvinokuwanira mberi”. For me I feel the best is yet to come the achievements I have made so far are just appetizers.

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  1. This was very interesting, but I did have a question though I think you could answer. Do you know of any organic cleaners that don’t use vinegar? I’m looking for something that cleans really well but isn’t expensive to make. I really appreciate any advice you can give.

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