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It was just like another Wednesday and I was listening to the radio but how come I haven’t heard this show before. The ‘’Breeze ‘’they called it “shot in the arm just as the doctor orders ‘’ .So there was going to be a second edition of the CBZ Youth entrepreneurship program ,how exciting I had missed the first one .I just had to apply and that application altered the course of my life . My name is Gladys Chibanda I’m 23 years old, a creative entrepreneur, founder and creative director of Krafted Ink, creative consultant and freelance writer.

What made me start my own business was a balance between frustration and the desire to be relevant and to be celebrated especially in the arts and crafts industry became fuel towards my dream. Growing up in a family where the way you view the world is different was a challenge. Having to constantly rely on my inner motivation, it took more time to begin .At first I was unsure if my product was going to be embraced but with time my confidence grew to where I am now. . Unsure of my decision to sell products made without much training made my first sell to a certain woman I met on my way home. She was ecstatic about the gift bag and diary. She thought these were amazing and convinced me to sell to her. I went home refreshed and excited. Not long after got an order of 200 gift bags from speed link cargo.

This experience built my inner being and has seen me achieve much more I began making orders for big companies and supplying some of the top galleries and gift stores in Zimbabwe eventually government institutes like the Ministry of Education, and Potraz. So Krafted Ink is an artistic company offering bespoke, eco-friendly and handcrafted products to its clients. The handcrafted products will form a basis and/or will enable the creation of unparalleled memories and experiences that are timeless in impact and nature. Krafted Ink produces and handcrafts products for resale. The product offering is neither standardized nor mass produced as handcrafted articles are not easily replicated, this makes each product on offer bespoke and unique, further enhancing the client experience and unique selling point It is primarily a handcrafting business offering a range of crafted articles such as notebooks, gift bags, diaries, calendars, wallets, gift boxes, shoes, caps, jewelry and more. Emerging as one of the CBZ YEP 2017-18 Finalists, getting away with the prize money and an award has improved both my personal and company image. I was also nominated for the delta make a difference award , documented by German TV magazine , entrepreneur of the month by KBA AFRICA , currently the youngest executive board member of ZAACA (Zimbabwe applied arts and crafts association), current (youngest) vice chairperson of Lassaco (ladies savings cooperative). I guess I have more opportunities because of my age. I am convinced that if I was older it wouldn’t have made an impact. I’m also the co-founder of The Creative Dialogue (COMING SOON), very involved challenging status quo. I see myself owning a large enterprise.

Handmade craft goes beyond eking a living for me but goes towards building capacity in other young women. I did not get a chance to enroll as a fine arts student therefore I want to give those who want to enroll with scholarships and preach about its usefulness. I aspire to establish a hub for crafters in different fields where they can exercise their expertise and be rewarded. I hope to put them in one roof as we work on various designs and distributing craft products. I am also targeting quite a number employees and help alleviate poverty in Africa. My advice to other young entrepreneurs will stem from but favorite quote which is ‘’Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil.’’ By HENRY FIELDING, EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY NOVELIST AND SATIRIST in regard of becoming a mercenary. I strongly believe becoming a mercenary doesn’t pay: don’t start a business for the money alone.
Here’s why: starting and running a business always takes more effort than you first expect. Even if you identify a business that will largely run itself, setting up the systems necessary to run the business requires persistence and dedication. If the only thing that interests you about an opportunity is the money, you’ll probably quit well before you find the pot of gold at the bottom of the landfill.

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